Krishna Writing Inks

Fine handcrafted inks in over 50 wondrous colours
RC Series

The RC Series comprises of some sheentastic colours! These sheen monsters are a pleasure to use for both writing & art

Urban Series

The Krishna Urban Series Inks are inspired by the peacock and its glorious colours. Lubricated inks that shade well and work great with all pens!


The inks in the Krishna India Series are named after the vibrant and colourful cities of India. Like the cities each ink has a special character like sheening & shading.

Lyrebird Series

These everyday inks are the safest choice for your fountain pens. You canʼt go wrong with these. They come in fantastic waterproof versions too which are maintenance free.


The inks in the Krishna Classic Series are based on classic dye based formulations super easy flowing, non-staining & zero maintenance. Bright colours for daily use.