Lyrebird Inks Water Resistant Water Sapphire 30 ML


These everyday inks are the safest choice for your fountain pens. You can?t go wrong with these. They come in fantastic waterproof versions too which are maintenance free.

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Lyrebird Inks Water Resistant Water Sapphire 30 ML

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Krishna Inks is the brainchild of Dr. Sreekumar a medical professional by day and a connoisseur by night.

He brings his passion from his younger days, when he would grind and turn fountain pens long before the era of the ball pen. Drawing inspiration from his Master Mr Ramachandran of Calicut Dr.Sreekumar started making fountain pen inks in 2010. What started as a hobby is today his passion. Dr.Sreekumar a believer of the Make in India campaign hand makes these inks at his workshop in Kerala, India also known as Gods own country!

The sheen works best with higher quality papers like the Tomoe River, the sheen will reduce significantly with lower quality paper.

We’’ve tried hard to accurately scan and colour-correct genuine Krishna ink swatches, but please note the usual caveats about variations due to scanning and displaying on your monitor, please treat this as a guide only.

Note: Due to its unique formulation the Water Sapphire cannot be mixed with any other inks. This would lead to a significant loss of colour. Please ensure your pens are cleaned thoroughly before filling them.




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